Testimonials for Aman Kapur


Displaying IMG_4684.JPGWilhelmus W( Toronto, On   July 2015) We found our meeting with Aman Kapur from LSM Insurance to be very informative. Aman helped us in clarifyingall our doubts and in answering all our questions about Life Insurance. We were presented with several options and one of the options of a Multi-layered Term policy appeared “perfect” for us. We are very glad to even receive a rate reduction upon policy approval as opposed to what was initially quoted.We feel strongly that we would refer Aman Kapur’s services to people who we know is looking for life and health insurance.

Grant Wells Grant Wells ( Mississauga, ON.   July 2013) I have dealt with Aman since 2007, when I bought my life insurance policy along with Critical Illness insurance. I was very impressed to know that in one policy I could have both types of insurance. Then my other members of the family have also used Aman’s services for their insurance and retirement needs. Aman is very knowledgeable, educational, enjoyable and a pleasure to deal with.







Michael TourangeauPastor Michael T. ( St. Catharines, ON   April 2013):  I have known Aman for around 4 to 5 years and have found my interraction with him very delightful. He has expressed genuine care in taking into account mine and my family’s insurance needs. In his dealing with us, he has come across not as a sales person but as an individual who cares, who is sensitive towards our financial welfare both as an advisor and as a friend. I would like to have him meet, whenever possible, more people who he could help in their insurance needs!



Doug mcclainPastor. Douglas M ( Hamilton, ON   2013) From our first meeting, I understood that Aman knows his profession that he represents. He is very thorough and explained the solutions really well in addressing my needs. I found him to be a good person to do business with- very friendly. He relates to people very well and I enjoyed his presence. I would consider Aman to be highly recommendable.



SinniahKumar S. ( Mississauga, On.   March 2013)

We got talking to Aman while looking for life insurance. We wanted a detailed insight to the several options available to us. We found Aman very knowledeable in the subject of insurance. As a broker he could explain the various products and plans to us. More importantly, he also explained the entire process of getting insurance and underwriting to us. He is not pushy or in a hurry to sell anything. He focussed on our needs and hence gave us a sense of comfort. We found him very friendly and well conversant. His knowledge and personality would encourage me to refer him to the people I know looking at life and health insurance options.





Jude Glen Fernandez Jude Glen F. ( Mississauga, ON    March 2013) I felt very comfortable working with Aman. His knowledge on insurance was very impressive. he explained the options availabe in detail which made my selection process very easy. I found Aman very friendly. I was very impressed with his demeanor and the patience he showed during the entire process. His follow-up was very effective and timely matching my needs. I would definitely refer him to other people.





Richard.RRichard R. ( Burlington, ON   Jan 2013) I found Aman very thorough in explaining all my options when it comes to insurance. He is very professional and courteous and a pleasure to deal with. I would be happy to share his name with people looking for insurance!






Cathy n Doug LamarreCathy and Doug L. ( Thorold ON.   January, 2013) We have been working with Aman for about 4 years. We feel that he was very informative and was willing to give us a lot of information relevant to us. He has been extending all the necessary courtesies in dealing with us and is very friendly. He is very flexible and was able to work around our very busy schedule.  



Randy n Nancy M.Randy and Nancy M( York.On, Jan 2013) Randy and Nancy M  have been clients of Aman for over 2 years: ” Aman has been able to help us with our insurance needs twice in the last 2-3 years. Our coverages have improved with his advise. He understands that our need for insurance stems from our love for our family. We feel extremely happy in meeting him and conversing with him. We praise his knowledge on the subject and his sincerity.”




Safo S. is a client of Aman Kapur for last 7 years ( Mississauga, ON  December 2012) He finds Aman trustworthy to deal with in all aspects…as a professional, as a person and is therefore like a friend.




 Nicole and Vincent M. ( Kitchener, ON   December 2012)  say about Aman:     We found Aman a very courteous and a professional person. He was willing to meet us whenever we were available and that meant working around our busy schedules. Over the years as our needs have changed, Aman was able to offer plans matching the changing needs.






Leyland L. ( Toronto ON.   December 2012)  on Aman:   Aman Kapur is passionate about providing insurance related solutions. He is very expressive and makes the entire process enjoyable and interesting. He provides clarity to whatever is being discussed.





Ulex L.  ( Toronto ON.   December 2012 ) on Aman: I have known Aman for about 10 years. He is a very caring and a compassionate person who is always willing to help and take care of your financial needs. He has helped us in creating a strong insurance plan suiting out short and long term financial needs. 





Rohit S.     Read what Rohit S. ( Mississauga ON.  2011)  has said about Aman on Linkedin: Aman knows his stuff. Not only does he understand the insurance industry well, but the advice I got from him was genuine and with my interests in mind. I find that kind of integrity rather refreshing. I’m certain he’ll do very well in the future. Highly recommended.





VRaoPlease read what Vrao P.( Milton ON. )  said about Aman on Linkedin: “Aman is a Sincere, Hardworking and dedicated, a detail-oriented Financial Genius watches the financial balance sheets without ever losing sight of the strategic objective. Aman brought excellence to his work as Financial Advisor and Mentor in guiding my Investments, has Very good management skills, People Skills and can keep the team spirit Lively always. As a Client, I feel absolutely great working with Aman and I can attest Aman to the success that he brought. I highly recommend him to any of his future endeavors. I wish Aman all the best in her future endeavors. Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity. .









Vikas VPlease read what Vikas V ( INDIA  2010)  wrote about Aman on Linkedin: Exceedingly sharp in his thinking, calm in his demeanor and very cheerful in his disposition, Aman brought a very global perspective to the business. Aman and I worked together for a brief period but it was amply evident from the beginning that Aman had a thorough understanding and grasp of his domain. A wonderful colleague to work with and a very intelligent and witty person to deal with, Aman is someone I would have no hesitation in recommending or working with myself again.” October 4, 2010 Vikas V.

Ebube.A n familyPlease read what Ebube A.( Toronto, ON )  said about Aman on Linkedin: “Aman has been very active and successful in managing portions of my finances. His funds under managment has grown tremendously over the past few years as a result of his expertise.” August 13, 2007 . Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Natosca Natosca J ( Mississauga On   April, 2013)  : I found Aman to be extremely patient. He went through the explanation process really well. I will be happy to refer him to anyone looking for life insurance.

LM and AKPlease read what LM.( Toronto, ON.  February 17, 2009 Lorne M.)  said about Aman on Linkedin:

“Aman has been a great addition to the LSM Team. He is an outstanding broker – very knowledgeable, trustworthy and reliable. Aman has a commitment to excellence and is extremely passionate about helping people.”


Cordell.BCordell B.( Toronto ON.  December 2012)  is a client of Aman’s for almost 4 years.

” Aman has been a person who provides with a full understanding of the products and services provided to me. I appreciate your being informative and the ability to be detailed an your unbiased approach towards offering insurance solutions.”

GregoryKPlease read what Gregory K. ( Guelph ON.  2012)  has to say about Aman: Thanks so much Aman for the wonderful personable service. You present your products with a vast knowledge and are well received.



William-ShungPlease read what William S.( Toronto, On   2009)  said about Aman on Linkedin: “Aman has a broad and diversified range of business experience. As a financial advisor, he is currently dedicated to planning and solving financial problems. I find him to be reliable and trustworthy.

Cheryl M. on Aman:

I have found Aman very passionate about helping people with their insurance needs. He has helped me with my insurances over the last 4 to 5 years and has explained the concepts to me in detail. He has always strived to customise the insurance plans to match my needs.


Please read what Mathew S. has to say about Aman:

I appreciate Aman’s service in explaining the various insurance options over the last few years.  I was able to get a great rate for my latest insurance plan. He is very knowledgeable and very friendly in his presentation to me and my family. Won’t deal with anybody else.

Suzanne P. ( a beneficiary of one of Aman’s clients):

Aman has been a person very easy to talk to and very helpful in assisting in the payout of a death claim of my husband!! Aman has assured his support to me and my family in future insurance needs. (Suzanne Patrick)

Please read what Melbourne D. has to say about Aman:

Aman has been known to me and my family for now almost 6-7 years. He has always explained all insurance concepts to us in detail. He has always understood our needs clearly and therefore been able to provide us appropriate solutions.

Please read what Colin S. has to say about Aman:

I found Aman to be a very informed and an aware professional. He was quite friendly and personable. He has the profile of working for his clients’ satisfaction and hence is able to produce good results for us.   Please read what Jermaine B. has to say about Aman: It was very good working with Aman! Very knowledgeable and courteous. Was a pleasure having him as my insurance broker. I will be happy to refer him to others. Thank You.   Please read what John C. has to say about Aman: I am very happy to work with Aman. He explained all different options for life insurance for me. He was able to shop the best rate that was affordable for myself! I would like to refer him to others happily.   Please read what Beverly M. has to say about Aman: From our first contact with Mr. kapur, we were impressed by his knowledge and personability. He was ready with answers to all our inquiries and put us at ease regarding our assocoation with both him and his company.   Please read what Patricia C. has to say about Aman I have found Aman Kapur very helpful and patient in determining my insurance needs. He has insured that follow up with me on my insurance application. I would surely recommend Aman to my friends and family should they have a need for an insurance broker.

Please read what Don & Linda, P. have to say about Aman
Aman: It was very nice to have met you.  We thought very highly of your presentation and your viewpoints.
We also liked the fact that you took the time to listen and then trying to meet our needs instead of selling something that we might not have liked.
We look forward to future meetings with you and continued business.
Thanks again,

Here is what Tom C. had to say about Aman:          Aman provided the most attentive and personable service I have experienced from an insurance agent. The bonus was that he was able to get me a rate quote considerably lower than anything else I had been offered.  I would definitely use Aman’s services again and recommend him to my colleagues and friends.   Please read what Carrie L.  said about Aman:   On behalf of the C. Family, we would like to thank Aman Kapur for making this transition very pleasant and easy experience. We found Aman Kapur to be a very knowledgeable and friendly financial advisor and help us with all our questions and concerns.   Carrie L.   Please read what Stanley and Elizabeth H. had to say about Aman:      We want to thank Aman for his attentiveness and his committment to customer service. We appreciate his time in guiding us to the right policy. We feel very comfortable with our insurance needs at present. Thanks for the time you spend with us.   Please what Deon S. had to say about Aman         It was a great pleasure to work with Aman and LSM Insurance. The personal touch really made me feel comfortable with the whole process. We were well-informed and LSM’s focus on customer service and satisfaction made them the company we wanted to trust with this big decision.   Deon Scheepers

Please read what Tim D. said about Aman on Linkedin:    I consistently talk and work with Aman on all aspects of my life insurance needs. He is honest and treats myself and others with intelligence and individuality and the results come through in his attention to details that I know I would miss. I have found Aman to be very thorough with explanations of options and he is willing to take the time for explanations and recommendations. It is a great experience to work with someone that is genuinely interested in helping me to make the choices that are in my own best interest.” May 7, 2009  Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Please read what Robin B. said about Aman on Linkedin:    “Aman is an outstanding insurance broker. He is intelligent, reliable and extremely personable.  Our organization has referred numerous clients to Aman and the feedback has been fantastic.” February 21, 2009