Synergy: One policy with life, disability and critical illness insurance

Synergy: One policy with life, disability and critical illness insurance








Synergy from Manulife provides a 3-in-1 solution to protection planning. It is life insurance policy, disability insurance policy and a critical illness insurance policy – all packaged into one.

Its selling features:
It is Unique as its pool of money concept provides protection across three needs.
It is Easy to Manage as its one application, one plan and one premium for all three coverages.
It is Affordable as it follows a cost effective solution to cover three risks.
Flexible as one can choose from $100,000 to $ 500,000 in Synergy coverage.
How does it work
• It offers from $100,000 to $500,000 of Synergy, called Synergy Amount of Insurance.
• This amount of Insurance creates a pool of money called your available amount of insurance.
• Whenever a benefit is paid, the available amount of insurance reduces by that amount.
• Offers protection until your available funds are reduced to zero or at age 65, whichever is first.

How Benefits are Processed:

A. Disability Benefit: Your monthly disability benefit amount is the lesser of 1) 0.5% of your Synergy amount of insurance, and 2) the available amount of insurance.

B. Critical Illness Benefit : Your covered condition benefit amount is the lesser of
• 25% of the Synergy amount of insurance, and
• the available amount of insurance (less any Recovery Benefits).

Your early Intervention Benefit is 6.25% of the Synergy amount of insurance
• Can be paid more than once but not in connection with a covered condition claim.
• First Early Intervention Benefit does not reduce future benefit amounts payable.

C. Life Insurance Benefit: Your life insurance death benefit is 100% of your available amount of insurance.


We will be pleased to assist you in understanding your Synergy better and ensure that the best possible solutions are presented to you. Please feel free to contact us. You may also reach us at or at 1 416509 2540


Disability Insurance: Its importance and significance

  • For someone under 65, there is 60% more likelihood to become disabled than to die without any ailment.
  • The second leading cause of bankruptcy in Canada, behind over extension of credit, is a disability of some kind. An injury or an illness leads to a disability which generally creates an inability to work in your regular occupation. This could lead to serious financial problems like a reduction in income, liquidation of assets and further bankruptcies….

Life’s Milestones

Getting Married                                   Birth of a Child

Children’s Education                          Facing a Disability 

Going into Business                            Dealing with an Illness

Retirement Planning                          Estate Planning


Critical Illness Insurance ( a Video)

Get paid after 30 days from being diagnosed of one out of almost 25 different but really common critical illnesses. Donot have to worry about money when you are ill. Focus solely on your recovery and then tell tales of your recovery…


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