Proper sleep speeds up recovery after heart attack

Proper sleep speeds up recovery after heart attack

Making sure heart attack patients maintain a proper sleep schedule speeds up their recovery, Canadian researchers have found.

The first five days after a heart attack are crucial, and disrupting a patient’s circadian rhythms interferes with healing, according to a study out of the University of Guelph.

Researchers found that mice who had heart attacks induced in them, then had their day-night cycles disrupted, showed impaired inflammatory and immune responses, which help with forming scars, growing new cells and increasing blood vessels in the heart.

The sleep-disrupted mice were also “likely to go more quickly to heart failure,” the study found.

The findings, which are published online in Circulation Journal, have “an immediate life application,” said lead author Prof. Tami Martino.

Hospitals can improve the outcomes for heart attack patients by minimizing the disturbances they experience while in the intensive care unit, where even at night there is noise, light procedures and other disruptions.

Source: Sun News , QMI AGENCY

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