Life Insurance premiums and healthy lifestyle

Life Insurance premiums and healthy lifestyle

 Life and Health Insurance is all about managing risk and taking measures to ensure a happier life for all those involved.

Insurance companies look at a person’s health history to calculate what their premiums should be.  A medical exam is usually necessary. Typically blood and urine samples are taken to test for any of the following: cholesterol levels, diseases including HIV, possible signs of disorders like kidney problems, hepatitis or diabetes, and also screening of  nicotine, certain medications or even illegal drugs.

There are certain factors like age and gender that are beyond control. However, there are some variables that can be controlled in order to optimise your financial security and that in turn could impact your family’s well-being a great deal.  Let us take a closer look at the variables below:

  1. Smoking significantly raises your premium. Insurance companies consider a non-smoker to be one who is 12 months smoke-free. A non-smoker rate is significantly lower than a smoker rate.

    2.   Losing weight and exercising regularly improves your health and decreases your premium. People exercising regularly are considered healthy and that could positively impact their insurance rates.

    3.   Regular intake of prescription drugs could assist in an improvement in your health condition and could lead to cure which subsequently could impact your insurance rates.

   4.    Never lie, misrepresent or avoid disclosure of your health conditions. These actions could result in a denial of claim or a rescission of the policy.

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Your associate with an independent broker for his/her advice could help you in customisation of a policy that could be a right fit for you.  Please feel free to contact me at 1416 509 2540 or Get a Quote for the right advice.


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