Limited Pay Life Insurance

Limited Pay Life Insurance

A Limited Pay Life Insurance is a quick way to pay off the cost of your permanent insurance within a certain number of years. That time period is usually gauranteed. So, your permanent life insurance covers you for life however you pay premiums for a specific period of time. It is helpful especially when, in later years of your life, you donot have to pay for insurance. Please feel free to contact me at or visit us at

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Life Insurance is a wealth maximising tool  A video

A life insurance policy serves the purpose of replacing the income in case of an untimely death of the family breadwinner. In case of a family with two or three small kids, a mortgage and some additional debt, a life insurance policy on the parents would be extremely important. If one of the parents were to die, the surviving spouse would find it difficult to take care of the responsibilities and maintain a standard of living.

Universal Life Insurance

…is one of the best things that could happen in the world of Life Insurance. UL policy is when a permanent life insurance is merged with the possibility to have several investment options.

Your policy provides a lifelong coverage and at the same time you can save money within the policy to create tax-sheltered savings.

Cash Back or Money Back Life Insurance

A very standard question from purchasers of life insurance is, ” I have paid into the policy for these many years…What will I get back in case I am still alive and healthy? “   A very pertinent question because we all want to know where our money is going and will there be any return on our money during our life time.



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