Life Insurance and Cancer Survivors

Life Insurance and Cancer Survivors

Advancements in science and medicine have made several types of cancers treatable in the early stages. This has resulted in a change in the way cancer survivors’ applications for life insurance are underwritten. Due to the availability of treatment and cure, the insurance companies have adjusted their prices accordingly.

It is important to work with insurance brokers who particularly have a thorough knowledge of various insurance plans and an approximate idea about the state of health that could be most suitable. In some cases, cancer survivors might qualify for a traditional life insurance. However, non-medical life insurance is a good way to get you insured in such a situation. Some of the insurance companies offering non-medical life insurance do need a few years of being cancer free. In some cases, it may just offer protection with a 2 year waiting period. However, in such a situation the policy could work as accidental death insurance and also as a return of premium plus interest if death occurs in the first two years.

People applying for non-medical insurance plans, ideally, should not be declined by any other insurance company in the last two years. Hence, in case of a medical history, it is advisable to apply for non-medical life insurance first. Get the insurance in the bag. You may, then, apply for traditional insurance and then compare the differences. However, if you get declined by the traditional life insurance, you would be thankful to yourself to have acquired a non-medical life insurance.

Non-Medical Life Insurance,   Simplified Issue Life Insurance,    Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance.

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