Different types of Health Insurance

Different types of Health Insurance

Knowing  about the different types of health insurance can help in defining the types of insurance most suitable. Most health and living benefit plans work differently. For example, a health and dental or a prescription drugs plan works very differently from a disability insurance plan and a critical illness insurance plan. If one plan pays for treatment only, the other is an income replacement plan. You have critical illness insurance that pays out a lump sum benefit which is independent of income or medication expense. In fact, there could be different types of disability insurance plans as well that vary in terms of the kind of benefits and how they are payable.

 When one comes to us with a need for health Insurance, we try to understand the need in totality. We provide the person with the knowledge that could assist in picking the most appropriate plan. We, then shop the market…which is an act of exploring the market place for the most cost effective plan that provides the most elaborate benefits.

We at YourInsuranceGuy.ca are experts in explaining the the various types of insurances that could protect the entire family. Please feel free to contact us at aman@yourinsuranceguy.ca or at 1 416 509 2540. Please visit us for a no obligation quote or advice.


Critical Illness Insurance, Part-1.

Get paid after 30 days from being diagnosed of one out of almost 25 different but really common critical illnesses. Donot have to worry about money when you are ill. Focus solely on your recovery and then tell tales of your recovery


Living Benefits Insurance: An introduction

When talking about life insurance, our focus is to cover the risk of death. However, we can experience financial difficulty when we are seriously ill or sick or disabled. A living benefits plans focusses on providing you with that financial support upon getting ill or being disabled.


Disability Insurance: Its importance and significance

For someone under 65, there is 60% more likelihood to become disabled than to die without any ailment. The second leading cause of bankruptcy in Canada, behind over extension of credit, is a disability of some kind. An injury or an illness leads to a disability which generally creates an inability to work in your regular occupation. This could lead to serious financial problems like a reduction in income, liquidation of assets and further bankruptcies.


Prepared by:  Aman Kapur

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