Insurance Medical Exams: Blood Profile Test

Insurance Medical Exams: Blood Profile Test

Most insurance applications with medical tests include blood tests. Insurance companies will generally ask for blood tests on almost all applications where the face amount exceeds 250,000. They are also more likely to ask for blood tests when preferred rates apply. Preferred rates are cheaper monthly payments given to applicants in very good health and with very good family health history. However, in those cases, the insurance company also verifies more health details and usually requires more intrusive medical tests to get the preferred rates.

Blood tests enable the insurance company to verify if the insured is in truly optimal health. The nurse completing the blood test will have the insured sign a permission slip. They will generally obtain three vials of blood (approximately 25ccs) and a urine sample. The blood profile procedure takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and the test will most likely screen for the following red flags:

1. HIV virus

2. Blood sugar reading

3. Kidney profile reading

4. Liver profile reading

5. Cholesterol and blood lipids

Applicants can increase the likelihood their blood sugar and cholesterol readings are good by doing the following:

  • Cut down on white flour (white bread, white pasta, and potatoes)
  • Avoid highly processed foods and foods high in sugar and replace them with good carb fruits, like berries, citruses, and cherries
  • Eat foods high in fiber, like broccoli or spinach, and condiments that slow down digestion (cinnamon, vinegar, and olive oil)
  • Eat a little lean protein
  • Eat smaller portions
  • Avoid trans-fats
  • Get 30 minutes of moderate or stronger physical activity per day
  • Strive for a waist size that’s less than half of your height.


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