Industrial Alliance with interesting rate adjustments

Industrial Alliance with interesting rate adjustments

Industrial Alliance has adjusted its rates for life insurance and single premium annuity products on March 25, 2013. Here are the specific changes:

1.Rate decrease for long term Pick A Term Insurance: Industrial Alliance has sharpened its competitive edge for terms T21 to T40 by offering an average 9% decrease. Along with this decrease there are attractive renewal rates to extend coverage for a few years. Unique term plans available to meet your needs. A level or a decreasing face amount available.

2. Premium Increase for permanent life insurance products: As interest rates remain much lower than anticipated, the rates on permanent insurance will be raised again to ensure the continuity of products that involve long-term commitments and guarantees for your clients. For all permanent and universal life insurance coverage, the average increase is 8% for all age groups.

3. Distinctive minimum premium for YRT insurance costs: The minimum costs for Yearly Renewable Term policies will have its own minimum cost different from the minimum premium for level costs.

4. Surrender values increase for permanent life insurance products: surrender values have gone up for universal life quick pay options and thus this make it very competitive.

5. Extra Premium decrease for clients with substandard risks: The extra premium is reduced. This will greatly benefit clients with substandard risks.


Created by: Aman Kapur




Kumar S. ( Mississauga, On. March 2013)

We got talking to Aman while looking for life insurance. We wanted a detailed insight to the several options available to us. We found Aman very knowledeable in the subject of insurance. As a broker he could explain the various products and plans to us. More importantly, he also explained the entire process of getting insurance and underwriting to us. He is not pushy or in a hurry to sell anything. He focussed on our needs and hence gave us a sense of comfort. We found him very friendly and well conversant. His knowledge and personality would encourage me to refer him to the people I know looking at life and health insurance options.


Jude Glen Fernandez

Jude Glen F. ( Mississauga, ON March 2013)

I felt very comfortable working with Aman. His knowledge on insurance was very impressive. he explained the options availabe in detail which made my selection process very easy. I found Aman very friendly. I was very impressed with his demeanor and the patience he showed during the entire process. His follow-up was very effective and timely matching my needs. I would definitely refer him to other people.



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