How Industrial Alliance’s life and critical illness products have a cutting edge

How Industrial Alliance’s life and critical illness products have a cutting edge








The following are 8 key benefits that help separate Industrial Alliance from it’s competitors

1.       Their joint last to die policies offers an option where the surviving insured can cash out the accumulation fund tax-free on the death of the first spouse.

2.       Their Universal Life policy with a yearly renewable term cost of insurance options has a decreasing surrender charge and there are no surrender penalties after the seventh policy years. Most other carriers in Canada have a 10 year surrender charge scale.

3.       The pricing on their Universal Life line up is very competitively priced, but especially well priced within the 35 to 50 age range.

4.       They have preferred rates at face amounts as low as $200,000 on their permanent life insurance policies.

5.       Their Pick-A-Term policies have a unique feature where the insured can choose terms ranging from a 10 year term to a 40 year term, and the death benefits can be level or decreasing.

6.       Their Ultra 15 plan provides lifetime protection and is fully paid-up at the end of 15 years. The guaranteed cash value of the policy is also up to half of the initial death benefit at the end of the later of 20 years or age 65.  There is a full return of premium included with the policy’s death benefit.

7.       Their Child’s life and health dual policy provides a combination of life and critical illness insurance. The Critical Illness insurance is half the initial life insurance base amount. The payment duration on the policy is 30 years, regardless of the insurance issue age. At age 30, the Critical Illness coverage ends, but the insured can convert it to an individual Critical Illness plan.

8.       The critical illness policies have a built-in loss of independence feature. Many other carriers charge an extra premium for this policy feature.


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Prepared by:  Aman Kapur


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