Disability Insurance for Surgeons

Disability Insurance for Surgeons

As per the Canadian Medical Association, there are 2,040 practising general surgeons in Canada and over (56 per cent) earn over 90 per cent of their income through a fee-for-service arrangement. The average fee received by them is $343,945 gross, and an average surgeon received at least $60,000 in payments in 2009–2010.

Due to their specialised skills surgeons have distinct disability insurance needs compared to other professionals. Our agency’s combined experience of over 50 years offers income replacement insurance solutions specifically designed for surgeons.

What makes us different from other disability insurance providers?

1. We not only work with the top disability insurance carriers in Canada, but we are also in constant communication with their underwriters and keep our clients informed with current or ongoing changes in underwriting criteria and protocols.

2. We can integrate an individual disability policy with your current association coverage and/or outside individual disability insurance.

3. We offer a host of riders and options, including the most comprehensive “Own Occupation” disability insurance definitions for surgeons.

4. We can also enhance your disability coverage with critical illness protection. Critical illness coverage pays out a lump sum if the insured is diagnosed with cancer, has suffered a stroke or heart attack, or is diagnosed with one of over 25 critical illnesses.

5. We offer disability solutions with or without a return-of-premium option. This option allows the insured to get a portion of their premium back in the event that they remain healthy and do not file a claim.


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Randy n Nancy M.Randy and Nancy M have been clients of Aman for over 2 years: ” Aman has been able to help us with our insurance needs twice in the last 2-3 years. Our coverages have improved with his advise. He understands that our need for insurance stems from our love for our family. We feel extremely happy in meeting him and conversing with him. We praise his knowledge on the subject and his sincerity.”

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