Facts on Critical Illness Insurance

Facts on Critical Illness Insurance

Statistics reveal that more and more Canadians, at a younger and younger age, will be afflicted by a critical illness.

In addition to having to face a serious illness, several important costs related to medical treatments remain not covered by provincial health insurance plans.



Shocking statistics:

  •  1 Canadian out of four will develop heart disease during their lifetime;
  •  1 person out of two who is a heart attack victim is under 65 years of age;
  •  75% of victims survive a first stroke;
  • 1 person out of three will develop some form of cancer during their lifetime;
  •  1 woman out of nine will develop breast cancer during her lifetime;
  •  1 man out of eight will develop prostate cancer during his lifetime;
  •  50,000 Canadians suffer from multiple sclerosis, one of the highest rates in the world;
  •  Over 750,000 persons in Canada could suffer from Alzheimer’s disease between now and the year 2031.

∗ Source Statistics: Canadian Cancer Society, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, Alzheimer Society of Canada

A Critical Illness Insurance is that one coverage that would pay a tax-free tump-sum benefit  30 days from being contracted with the illness. Find out how it works.

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