6 Reasons to Work with Aman

  1. You will get unbiased advice.
    As independent brokers, we do not lean towards one insurance company. We represent a large number of insurance companies. Our business model is to represent your interest, get you the best solution without being biased. This, to our experience, increases your level of satisfaction and strengthens our relationship with our clients.
  2. Access to several insurance plans and hence the BEST RATES:
    We are insurance brokers who are contracted with all major insurance companies across Canada. Our clients get an access to all insurance plans that exist for them. We provide rates after looking at the quotation systems comparing rates from all insurance companies.
  3. We are not captive agents:
    Hence you will not be force-fed one company policy. We do not have quotas to meet and hence you will not be forced into something that you do not need. We thrive on satisfied customers.
  4. Your insurance program will fit your needs, your budgets.
    We do a detailed insurance and financial needs analysis, we go the extra mile in knowing our clients well in order to provide the exact insurance plans that match their needs.
  5. Regular contact focus program (RCFP):
    We do not forget our clients after completing a transaction or selling a policy. We believe in servicing our clients on a continuous basis. We understand that change is a constant element in our lives. We understand that with changing needs of our clients, their insurance and financial needs would change as well. We are in constant touch with our clients and are equipped to discuss changes in their insurance needs. We show them several options and entitlements that may exist to strengthen their policies.
  6. Dealing with the cream of the crop advisors:
    Our team comprises of very successful advisors. We have a team of hard-working, qualified and knowledgeable professionals who make your insurance and estate planning experience a pleasure. Sources of knowledge can be multiple. Our team carries professional experience and academic qualifications from four continents. They are friendly, can speak several international languages and have a global and a multicultural mindset…and that can be a huge advantage.