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Your Insurance Guy
Happiness Lies Within

Aman Kapur, Your Insurance Guy got into the insurance industry after years of experience in Global Business Development, Sales and Marketing Management with a MBA degree from a reputed university in the United Kingdom. He has represented large organisations in emerging markets and has made business successful in very different cultural and economic conditions.

 He feels that insurance stems from an emotional urge to protect your loved ones. It further represents the act of responsibility, compassion and high moral character that makes you look outside of a domain which is self centred. When you take a life insurance policy, you are telling your kids, ” I am going to be there for you.” You are telling your spouse and your ancestors that the legacy that we have created will not be depleted!

Aman , Your Insurance Guy attributes his success to his consistent belief in helping people through innovative solutions. “The key here is that I am a service provider by qualification, experience, infrastructure and technology… and most importantly by DESIRE.”  

Your Insurance Guy feels that the importance of dealing with people effectively and understanding them is the key to personal and professional success. Aman carries a command over a few significant foreign languages and that enables him in strong relationship building and facilitates easy communication.

Aman, Your Insurance Guy is passionate about his role as an insurance advisor and he maximises the art of giving through this feeling. “ I find it most satisfying to be able to share ways and means with people to help them protect their families, assets etc. etc.” says Aman and calls his work as an initiative to give intangibly to the people he comes across.  He feels that solutions get created when your knowledge and research capability is exercised towards the committment to help meet your client’s needs” . The needs are different so it has to be a Different Strokes for Different Folks Approach.” he says.



This was my Ice breaker speech at the Toastmasters. I was supposed to speak about myself, my life and a few aspects that are close to my heart. It is very important to pursue your passion and face your fears. It is only this that would give you true happiness and hence make you fly higher.